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Uncle Sean Returns to Solent

He may not quite be the father of Media Technology but Sean is certainly something akin to an Uncle. He was there at it’s inception and has been a key player throughout its formative years. Sean now works as an independent broadcast training consultant as Media Technology Training and is Education Director (Academic) for the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.
Last week Sean came to share some of his industry insights with final year Broadcast Systems Engineering and Television Production Technology students. He introduced us to Media Asset Management processes and implementations based on a recent case study of Turner Broadcast. The session put many of the theoretical concepts from the unit into context and highlighted some of the challenges still facing companies that are implementing these complex and often proprietary systems. It was great to hear from Sean and the students found the session very insightful.

Quantum Technology in Formats and Workflow

Third Year students studying Formats and Workflows have recently benefitted from a series of talks given by technologists from Quantum. Liam and Mark first visited in November to introduce the students to Quantum’s workflow storage solutions and where they evolved from. This was followed up in the New Year with talks on the components used within modern systems and discussion around the considerations for the design and implemented of large-scale installations. File-based workflows have evolved rapidly over recent years so it was great to understand the current state of some of the technologies and how they’re being implemented in contemporary systems.