TeenTech Solent

Three second years from the programme attended a TeenTech event at Portsmouth Guildhall yesterday with some boxes of toys to help inspire the next generation of engineers. Rhian, Sam and Dan took along two table top activities to show 14-16 year-olds how science applies to exciting environments such as the media industry.

Rhian and Dan used two microphones and a high-speed audio capture card so pupils could measure the speed of sound from a hand-clap. Meanwhile Sam set up a slit experiment to show how different light sources produce different spectra. Media Technology were invited along by the Computing and Networking Programme and their demonstrations of a self-navigating robot and infrared gesture sensors complemented our activities nicely.

The Teen Tech website states: “TeenTech runs lively initiatives with a supporting Award scheme to help young teenagers see the wide range of career possibilities in Science, Engineering and Technology. We work collaboratively with companies, Universities, business organisations and education business partnerships to build sustainable and imaginative programmes focussing on regions of greater social need in the UK and Europe.”

The event was very well attended by secondary school pupils as well as relevant industries and Universities. As the science sector struggles to recruit engineers it’s important that Solent takes its place promoting STEM subjects and providing pathways into fulfilling careers. We’ll be in Basingstoke next month at another TeenTech event with our colleagues from Computing and Networking.


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