Bohunt Careers Fair

Two students and a couple of staff members from the Media Technology Programme attended a careers fair at Bohunt Secondary School on Tuesday. We had a stall inside and the OB truck (outside!) with a system camera in the exhibition hall.

The program feed was displayed, encoded and transmitted from our stall and Ericsson Television were building receivers out of Pringles tubes at their stall so the students could pick up the signal from across the room. The fair was extremely well attended with many exhibitors and a huge amount of footfall. It was a great opportunity for us demonstrate the exciting opportunities in the media technology arena and to encourage secondary school students to take science, engineering and maths subjects at A-level.

Several students showed a real interest in our programme and most people we spoke to weren’t aware of the science and technology behind broadcast. Of course we were also promoting Solent and our programme as the place to take it further!

Paul Bourne, Senior Lecturer

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